Check Out the User-Interface Updates on our CMS!

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We’ve been talking about all the improvements we’ve been making behind the scenes and now we’re taking them live.  Over the next couple of days we are launching a major upgrade to the back-end CMS interface that our customers use to manage their Mobile Roadie apps. With this update, each section is laid out as simply as possible for ease of navigation. In addition, we’ve added new help message indicators and content status indicators for each section, making it easier for our customers to get an overview of each section at a glance.

This update also includes a cleaner look to the dashboards stats, displaying top level information and allowing the user to drill down into sub menus for more detailed stats – if they want to.  We’re also planning for expansion of new items in the navigation menu, so as you grow and want to add more sections, we’ll be there for you. Another important thing we did to ease the visual load on the eyes was to move the App Vitals as a subsection of Manage Content, instead of having it’s own section.  This frees up some visual space and better organizes the customer’s Apple account information.

MoRo Customizer

Finally, last but certainly not least, is our new dynamic Customizer, called Appearance. This feature now allows our customers to change the colors, re-arrange tabs with a click-and-drop function and re-name sections. The best part? No more waiting to resubmit to Apple.  In fact, as this feature rolls out and becomes fully functional for all of our clients, changes made in the Appearance will appear in the apps instantly.

If you’re currently one of our customers, we hope you’re as stoked as we are about these changes.  If your not currently one of our customers … what are you waiting for?

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