APPetite for Construction: MoRo SXSW grafx preview

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Here’s a little preview of the promo campaign we’re hitting Austin with next week at SXSW.


The theme: “APPetite for Construction” is without a doubt a reference to your favorite band — but we felt like going a little more retro/funk with our graphics by playing off old 45rpm record labels.

The design was created in collaboration with Dan Funderburgh, who’s one of the hottest wallpaper/pattern designers in NYC (not to mention a fellow Jayhawk). And since there seems to be a huge talent pool coming out of Lawrence, KS, we printed our shirts at the spectacular Blue Collar Distro, where they used a discharge printing process to lock in the vintage feel. In the end, I hope we accomplished our goal of trying to be as “un-nerdy” as possible! #yeahright


We’ll be giving away shirts and stickers to people that give us love, so look for us in Austin next week! (Our full schedule will be posted soon so you can see all the events we’re attending.)

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