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Our catch phrase at Mobile Roadie has long been “apps for everyone” and our mission has always been to democratize the process of getting an app. No longer do you need to pay $10,000+ for a high quality app, or wait months for development.

We’ve been noticing, however, examples lately that don’t meet minimum quality guidelines for content and audience, and I wanted to take a minute and explain our threshold.

Quality content

This is the biggest one… make sure you have good content. What defines good content? You know it when you see it. Videos, music, news, photos, etc. that your users will actually care about. Don’t put in blurry photos, videos that don’t play on mobile, or single sentence news releases. Your content is the main reason people will come to your app – so make sure it rocks.

Quantity of content

In addition to providing the good stuff (quality content), you need to put in enough content in each section you choose to use that the user feels like it’s a complete experience. Don’t just add one video to your video section and say you’re done. Either flush out an area of the app, or remove it and add it later (with our fully dynamic tab system, you can add/remove sections at any time without resubmitting to Apple).


So you’ve got great quality and quantity content. You also need to have a solid audience. By “solid” I mean a) an audience beyond just you and your family (for example), and b) an audience that warrants the app being available for public consumption. If you need a private app for your organization, Apple has special certificates you can use for private distribution. If you need an app for only a few people, we can give you an “ad hoc” distribution.

Our process

Before sending your app to Apple, we quality check it internally. This includes checking both the quality and quantity of content, in addition to the functionality. We reject apps that don’t meet our minimum standards, because Apple is likely to do the same. If you get rejected, don’t worry – we’ll give you suggestions on what you need to change in order pass QA and be submitted to Apple.

The bottom line

We have one big goal at Mobile Roadie – to empower you with the tools to create beautiful, highly functional, high quality apps yourself. And we’re going to be releasing even more customization options in the near future. Get serious about your app, use our customization tools, and create something that will blow people away. Go for it!

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