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FF SXSW Pic Redux

A few weeks ago we blogged about several events that were taking place during the SXSW convention in Austin, Texas.  Today I had the privilege to speak with Andy Cohn, the Executive Vice-President of Fader Media, Inc., hailing from New York City.  As you might have guessed from the name, this is the organization behind Levi’s Fader Fort music event.  We had a great discussion about the use of Mobile Roadie’s app and Levi’s Fader Fort experience out in the field.

Levi’s Fader Fort started out nine years ago and has grown bigger each year, culminating with over 40 bands featured at the SXSW event this year.  A second event is held each year in the fall, in New York.  However, the company was looking for a way to bridge the gap and make the Fort something more than just two singular events – to build out from these tent poles and develop a year-round presence.  After looking at their options and deciding to include a website, blog and social media presence, Andy Cohn ran into Michael Schneider and the Mobile Roadie gang at a media event.  Intrigued by what they had to offer (including an actual development time frame) and seeing the confidence they presented themselves with, they decided to give them the ball and let them run with it.

So how has this relationship between Levi’s Fader Fort and Mobile Roadie gone so far? According to Cohn, Mobile Roadie is “the most incredible vendor or partner we’ve worked with.”  He also said that the Fader Fort app has actually become not just another tool in their social media presence, but is actually a much more integral part of what they are doing today, as a “perfect extension of what the Fort is all about.”  The overwhelming positive response from app users on Twitter and Facebook blew the team away and is also reflected in their numbers, with over 3400 downloads of the app to date, between the iPhone and Android platforms.

Finally, I asked Andy what he would say to anyone looking at a mobile app platform and what Mobile Roadie has to offer.  Here’s what he had to say:

There is a barrier in entry that is more in people’s perception than reality… people need to realize there are companies like Mobile Roadie that have the ability to make these things come to life.  People need to be more open to what an app can do.  It’s a great interactive tool, it’s sexy.

It seems that everyone at Levi’s Fader Fort, from the executives all the way down to the end users, are extremely happy about the Mobile Roadie app.  If you want to expand your media presence into the mobile arena and are looking for someone who can take the ball and run with it, look no further.  Why don’t you take the tour and see what we can do for your business!

(Image Source: Chris Gomez Photography)

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