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Thinking of a “feeds” only app? Think again.

We’ve long prided ourselves on creating highly customizable apps (but not custom apps) for a wide range of industries with our powerful content management system. Mobile Roadie’s CMS is the magic behind the scenes, and allows our customers to customize their app down to the color, section name, and of course, content. There are other solutions out there that offer apps that pull in “feeds”  – such as your Twitter feed, RSS feed, and YouTube Channel. Before you pull the trigger on the “same thing” as Mobile Roadie for less money, consider the following.

1. Customization. Feed-only apps lack the ability to customize the app experience and rely solely on other content sources. Yes, this may sound like a good thing since it’s easier for you to update the things you’re already updating. But the problem is you don’t get customization options such as color themes, section names, and native app features. Our CMS allows you to pull in feeds as well – but does much more than just that.

2. Exclusive Content. Exclusive content is what makes an app. Give a reason to people to download your app and they will. But if the app is sucking in feeds available elsewhere on the Internet, you lack the ability to offer app-only exclusive content.

3. Approval Process. Apple likes apps that have a reason to be apps. If your app is only sucking in your Twitter feed and RSS feed, it really doesn’t need to be an app, and you may have issues with approval.

Quality pays in the mobile world –  and engagement and retention is key. It’s hard to keep your audience engaged with feeds they can get elsewhere. It’s hard to keep the user experience high quality when you have little to no customization options. Don’t get an app to say you have an app.

One thought on “Feed Only Apps

  1. Great post Michael,

    We are launching soon and one of the first things that came up was how to present the info on our website. Then we found MoRo and were so impressed we have decided to provide our main ‘live’ content exclusively through mobile devices. We just dont see the point of replicating a blog/site and creating a native app for it,… for that I do think web apps are more appropiate and will work great.

    Also for what we do there is an endless number of ways for our network of clients to get there info out on the web already but mobile offers a whole new dimension.

    Looking forward to your next blog post and after browsing your app gallery I think we may be your first ‘made in Ireland’ app:)


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