MIPTV Panel on Mobile Engagement 2.0

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During a recent trip to Cannes, France, Mobile Roadie CEO Michael Schneider made an announcement about our expansion into the European mobile apps market.  However, this wasn’t the only reason he went to the MIPTV conference.  He also was invited to sit on the MIPTV Panel on Mobile Engagement 2.0.

The panel was moderated by Jason DaPonte, Managing Editor for BBC Mobile (UK), whose first question out of the box was “How would you summarize what’s different about engaging people on mobile, compared to engaging people on the web, TV, or other media?” Michael was the first in line to answer the question, pointing to the higher level of engagement than the desktop, because it is mobile.

Other panelists included Claire Boonstra, Co-founder of Layar DV (Netherlands); Rudy de Waele, Chief Networking Officer from DotOpen (Spain); and Kurt Sillen, VP and Head of Customer Business Development from Ericsson (Sweeden).  The panelists were also asked about the commercial opportunities provided by the mobile web.  I have to admit that I was intrigued by the theory posited by Kurt Sillen, that the mobile app is dead.  By the end of the video he agreed it really isn’t dead, but his reason for throwing out that position was to challenge the panel not to get too connected or tied in to one technology alone.

I may be biased, but I think that Michael made the best defense in terms of the future of the mobile app:

Until the mobile web becomes as engaging and as pretty, and frankly, as sexy as an app, it’s not going to provide the same value to the user.  One of the reasons the iPhone is as successful as it is, is because of the apps.”

You can watch the entire eight minute video at the MIPTV website here.

(Note: The Mobile Engagement Panel is the second video on the right. )

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