This Week in Android Featuring Michael Schneider

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Check out This Week in Android‘s interview featuring our very own CEO, Michael Schneider.  This clip starts out with a great video showing the versatility and application of Mobile Roadie apps.  The platform was selected this week as the TWiA app of the week.

During the interview Michael fields questions from the show’s viewers, discussing the difference between cookie-cutter platforms vs the level of customization that is available to customers using Mobile Roadie.  Other questions fielded include how Mobile Roadie compares to other online publishing platforms such as WordPress mobile templates, etc.  Of course, a website doesn’t really compare to a mobile app, and Michael explains that succinctly.

As a teaser, he shows off cover flow, something previously only available on the iPhone platform, and demonstrates how Mobile Roadie has ported cover flow into the Android app, making it available to all of our clients. He also discussed the reasons why Mobile Roadie has chosen to keep the CMS features between each mobile platform identical (updates across both platforms simultaneously).

The future is mobile and mobile is going to get better and faster as time goes on.  Mobile Roadie is keeping up with these trends and making plans to stay on top of the pack, leading the way for customers to use our CMS on the best mobile platforms available, from live video streams to integrated in-app sales, it’s all in the works!

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