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We’re pleased to announce that Mobile Roadie is powering the official CM Summit app. CM Summit: Marketing in Realtime is a two day conference produced by Federated Media and targeted at executives in the digital marketing and publishing arenas.  The conference is taking place next week, June 7-8, 2010 during NY’s Internet Week. However, one of the goals of the team using a mobile app is to keep the community engaged throughout the year. We hear this often from our customers who are involved in annual events of various types, whether they are conferences such as this, or music festivals. All want to keep people engaged throughout the year so they are not “out of sight, out of mind.”

With the CM Summit app, users will be able to access conference information such as speakers, sponsors, and agendas. It will also help conference attendees to keep track of everything going on during the event, as well as in the industry itself. It includes information on attendees who participate in the interactive portion of the app, as well as Twitter streams, news, and even pictures and videos from the conference. Even if you can’t attend the conference, using an app like this could be the next best thing to being there.  The app is available for free on both the iPhone and Android mobile platforms, with a basic version also available on the web to BlackBerry Opera users.

Download it here:

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