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Take a look around the technology landscape, and what do you see? Today, the mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds, faster than ever before. In fact, growth in smartphone sales this year have surpassed the growth in traditional desktop computers, at least by percentage. Perhaps the most obvious example is Apple, which has transformed their business from a niche computer market to a leader in the smartphone industry. Their best-selling products of all time are the iPhone and iPad, both mobile devices that are transforming how we digest content from the Internet.

As seen in the graph above, sales of desktop PCs are slowing, while smartphone sales are accelerating. In fact, many are predicting that smartphone sales will outpace the sales of desktop computers by 2012, with one analyst predicting over 50 billion mobile devices connected to the net by 2020. In just over two years since the Apple App Store debuted in July of 2008, they have amassed over 250,000 apps listed in the store, with over five billion downloads to date. The trend is very clear: people are using the mobile web more and more each month. So when will we be attending the funeral of desktop computing?

The truth is the desktop computer will never completely die, but as more and more of its computing power is moved to the cloud with online applications and storage, it makes it easier for the mobile market to access all of your information on the go. The day of the mobile office is already here. In fact, Google’s Eric Schmidt noted earlier this year that “mobile web adoption is growing eight times faster than the first wave of PC Internet adoption.”

This year alone smartphones are set to see sales increases of up to 50 percent, up to 250 million units sold. Contrast that to 20 percent growth in the PC market, with sales of 366 million units, and you’ll see why some experts believe we won’t have to wait until 2012 to see the takeover of the market.

So what does all this mean for you? It’s simple. Mobile apps are the new website! Remember when getting your very own website for your business was cutting edge, and everyone was telling you that you needed one? They were right, weren’t they? Well, history is repeating itself, sort of. The smartphone industry is set to overtake desktop computing. The primary way users are adapting to this new environment is through the use of mobile apps. In other words, you need a mobile app and you need it now.

Think about this for a minute. There will be 250 million smartphone sales this year (projected), with 250,000 apps in the Apple App store alone. That’s roughly a 1:1000 ratio. Based on the chart above, with 500 million sales in 2012, at the current ratio, this would mean 500,000 apps on the market. That’s double what Apple has available right now.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to get in on the biggest wave in technology since the Internet came along?

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