Android Increases its Worldwide Presence

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Ever since Mobile Roadie expanded our services to include Android earlier this year, we’ve seen first hand the impact that Android is having on the mobile market. We currently have over 200 live Android apps, and we are seeing an increase in Android app sign ups on a month to month basis. The Android Market is currently featuring the Mobile Roadie Miami Dolphins app on their homepage. We’ve observed an almost even 50/50 split in terms of which app the Miami Dolphins fans are downloading, the Android or the iPhone version.

As our portfolio of Android apps continues to grow, so does the mainstream attraction to one of the top-selling Android phones, the Motorola Droid. The initial version of the Droid was released last year and became an overnight success for Motorola, making it their top-selling phone. This year, just as the new Froyo Android operating system came out, so did the Droid 2, and the Droid X. Earlier this year, Flurry (an analytics company) revealed that the Motorola Droid reached its millionth sale in just 74 days, faster than the initial Apple iPhone release.

Another startling piece of information came out in August, revealing that Android was selling more phones than the Apple iOS. As you can see from the chart below, not only is Android adoption going through the roof, sales for both BlackBerry and Apple OS phones are in a slump. Many analysts believe the Android operating system could be the one to dethrone RIM as the most popular OS in the smartphone market.

With the combination of the Droid’s soaring sales and the Android operating system surpassing the Apple iOS, things are definitely looking up for both Motorola and Google. But what does this all mean for you? Build once, deploy everywhere using Mobile Roadie technology. Currently more than 1/2 of our clients sign up for both platforms.

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