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QR codes – those funny looking 2D barcodes that you’ve seen everywhere – can be highly effective ways to promote your app and your content. They are built into your Mobile Roadie CMS and can also be used to distribute specific content in your app, reward user behavior, and even hold contests and promotions. Here are a few tips.

It’s already there – use it.

Whether you use them or not, QR codes are built into your Mobile Roadie account. For every piece of content you upload (every audio track, video, and photo) we automatically generate a QR code specifically for that piece of content.

Give the public context.

Users aren’t going to scan your QR code just because it’s in their face. Don’t just slap the QR code on a product, CD cover, magazine ad, etc. with no explanation. It’s not “cool” to blindly scan QR codes. Fans will take the time to scan if they are getting something they really value – exclusive content, a coupon, etc. Reward them – and tell them why they should scan your QR code, wherever you place the QR code.

Incorporate it into traditional media.

Publish a magazine? Put out a CD? Have an email newsletter? Put your QR code (and context) in every touch point you have with your audience. Build it in to your marketing team’s DNA.

Promote, promote, promote.

QR codes offer you a way to promote your app without just hitting users over the head; it gives you an opportunity to offer something special for users – which implicitly includes them downloading your app. Use QR codes to promote your app through your Twitter account, Facebook account, website, and in venues, on location, etc. Here’s a creative example:

Be creative.

One of the best features of QR codes is that they are very versatile. They’ll work on a big screen at a 50,000 person arena, in a small corner of a magazine, in an email, in a tweet, etc. Get creative of where you place them.

In conclusion.

QR codes are finally going mainstream. Built into your Mobile Roadie account is a powerful QR code system, and every app has a built in QR code scanner. Use QR codes often, wisely, and in context, and watch them help build your app’s audience far and wide.

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  1. Wow, for a technology company that is focused on mobile development and commands such a premium, i would like to think the people i am giving my money to knows the difference between 2d and 3d

  2. Hey Christopher,

    Haha, thanks for pointing out that typo- it’s now fixed.

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