Smartphones in the US and Beyond

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Whether it’s checking your email, logging in to your favorite social site or downloading a new app, it’s safe to say that those who own smartphones like having access to the Internet in the palm of their hands. So it’s no surprise that smartphones are becoming more prevalent in U.S. households. A recent study from Pew Internet Project revealed that out of the 83% of US adults who own cell phones, 42% own smartphones, roughly 77 million people.  To put this into perspective, 35% of all US adults own a smartphone, and this figure isn’t expected to decrease anytime soon. So while the US may be a smartphone hotspot, how does the smartphone market look in other parts of the world? Let’s take a look.


Asia is the largest mobile market in the world, and with that the land of endless opportunity for those in the mobile industry. With highly advanced tech countries like Japan and South Korea who were developing smartphones before they were popular in the U.S., and with the sheer amount of people in countries such as China and India, Asia is a mobile market wonderland.  In China alone, out of the 900 million cellphone users, 20% own or plan to buy smartphones. Recognizing China’s large presence in the mobile market, we are excited to launch in China at the end of August.

But China isn’t Mobile Roadie’s first foray into Asia; we first made our mark in Asia by way of Japan. In addition to creating apps for some of Japan’s popular celebrities and musicians, we also developed an app for food leader Matsuya Foods Group (松屋フーズ).  Below are screenshots of MoRo apps for popular Japanese girl groups Idoling!!! and Shibuhara


Europe’s smartphone market is growing rapidly, with the U.K, France and Italy leading the way. According to comScore, the smartphone market in Europe grew 41% in the past year. In 2010, the smartphone market in the U.K. experienced 70% growth to over 11 million subscribers, France experienced a 48% increase in smartphone adoption, while Italy had the largest number of smartphone users totaling over 15 million. Spain and Germany, in addition to these three European countries, total over 60 million smartphone users.

With MoRo representatives in Paris, Barcelona, and Milan, and an office in London’s “Silicon Roundabout”, we have already established our presence in Europe, and continue our position as the world’s leading app platform.

What this means

The International Data Corporation predicts that 472 million smartphones will be shipped worldwide in 2011 compared to the 305 million phones that were shipped in 2011, representing a 54% increase in one year. By 2015, it is predicted that over 982 million smartphones will be shipped all over the world- that’s close to one billion people who will be able to use phones to surf the Web, stream music and videos, download apps, and a host of other capabilities.

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