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TEDx is one TED-inspired program that “gives communities, organizations, and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.”

Last December, The Paley Center for Media started the first-ever TEDxWomen conference, focusing on women and girls as “change agents, intellectual innovators, and idea champions.” Hosted by Pat Mitchell (Paley Center President & CEO), the live conference, held at the Paley Center in NY & LA, gathered over 10,000 people and 77 speakers spanning the globe, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams. Those who couldn’t make the live conference could watch from the comforts of their own hometown through live streaming.

The second annual TEDxWomen conference will be on December 1, 2011 at the Paley Center in NY and in LA, and will continue the conversation that started last December. To keep track of the conference, attendees can download the official TEDxWomen app powered by Mobile Roadie. Users of the app will be able to check out the latest news, tweets, and blog posts, learn about each session, speaker, and sponsor, access the schedule, view photos, and access original content from the Paley Center and the community.

To download the app to learn more about TEDxWomen, visit

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