Adele’s Official App by Mobile Roadie Passes 1.5 Million Downloads!

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We’re excited to announce that Adele’s official app powered by Mobile Roadie has passed 1.5 million downloads! Revealed by David Emery, head of marketing at Beggars Group, at the Music Apps: Beyond the Hype event in London tonight, this stat is a big milestone for music artists branching out to mobile.

The main purpose of the app, according to Emery, was to “provide another communication platform” for fans of Adele. “The social aspect has been incredibly popular; there’s a whole set of people that use the app on an hourly basis.” Indeed, the #1 Top User in the app has made over 6,000 comments and 6,500 Fan Wall posts!

And when it comes down to iPhone or Android, there is no clear favorite amongst Adele fans. Both the iPhone and Android versions of Adele’s app are being downloaded by hundreds of thousands of fans in relatively equal numbers, with Android edging slightly over iPhone users.

With Adele’s tremendous success in her music career, it’s no surprise that she’s dominating the mobile world as well. This past weekend, her app took the top spot on the Top Free Music Apps chart in Android Market.

So what can we learn from Adele’s mobile success? Emery says, “If you have a mainstream artist or brand and get coverage on these stores, it [your app] can really take off.” Not only that, but mobile in the music industry is taking off: Music apps are the fasting growing category in app usage, above games; and according to Emery, around 10-15% of visitors are coming from mobile devices, including tablets.

Congratulations to Adele! To download her app, visit

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