Live Animal Cams Increase User Engagement in Record Numbers in the San Diego Zoo App

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Calling all animal lovers! Inside the San Diego Zoo mobile app powered by Mobile Roadie, you can watch your favorite animals anytime, anywhere courtesy of the Live Animal Cams. When the San Diego Zoo app first launched, fans could view real-time streamings of the Zoo’s Polar Cam and Panda Cam right on their phones.

Feedback was phenomenal; fans loved the Animal Cams. Since being live, the Polar Bear Cam has amassed over 103,000 views, and the Panda Cam has surpassed a whopping 133,000 views.

To keep up this momentum, the San Diego Zoo added the Ape Cam in January 2012, one month before their Absolutely Apes celebration. Fans have tuned into the Ape Cam more than 60,000 times.

And in February, the Zoo added the Condor Cam for fans to watch resident condor couple Sisquoc and Shatash and their egg. In the News section of the app, fans could learn all about Sisquoc and Shatash, as well as the incubation period for condor eggs. Fans have been tuning in to get a chance to watch the live hatch, which was scheduled to happen yesterday, March 7th.

San Diego Zoo just announced through a push notification that the condor chick has started to “pip” or hatch today! According to the Zoo, “the process can take 48 to 72 hours until the chick emerges. Keep a close eye, and you may see the first ever condor chick to hatch live online!” If you’re an animal lover, you don’t want to miss this special moment! And not only can you watch the live hatch, you can have a hand in naming the condor baby by posting your suggestion on the San Diego Zoo Global Facebook page; the winner will receive condor adoption packages. So far, there have been close to 22,000 views in the Condor Cam.

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