Mobile Roadie Connect for Android is Now Live!

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It’s official. Now you can preview your Android app before it goes live through Mobile Roadie Connect for Android. In October, we released Mobile Roadie Connect for iPhone, which is available for free download in the App Store. Now, customers can download Mobile Roadie Connect for Android for free in Google Play as well.

Mobile Roadie Connect allows customers who are building an app through our CMS to preview their app before it is live. They only need their login information to sign in to Connect. In addition to seeing what their app looks like, customers can test out all app features like scrolling through photos, viewing push notifications, and commenting on the Fan Wall and more to experience the app through users’ eyes before release.

With MoRo Connect, customers can test their app every step of the way, decreasing the chance for mess-ups and rushed, last minute chances before the app is submitted to go live. And the best part about MoRo Connect is you can view your app anytime, anywhere (as long as there is Internet connection.

We’re excited to offer you the latest tool to make the process of building an Android app with Mobile Roadie even easier.

To download Mobile Roadie Connect for Android, visit

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