Think you know mobile? You have no idea…10 random & fun facts about mobile

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1. iPhones more precious than babies? Per second, more iPhones were sold than babies were born in the December Quarter of 2011. – Source

2. Think your grandparents aren’t tech-savvy? Think again. 55-64 year olds and retirees are in the top 5 fasting growing segments amongst smartphone users. – Source

3. Getting chills just thinking about losing your phone? There’s a name for that. Call the doctor, you might have nomophobia. – Source

4. Does the name Thomas Suarez ring a bell? Instead of playing tag on the playground like normal 12-year olds, young Thomas spends his free time developing apps. – Source

5. What job shortage? The Mobile App Economy has created nearly 500,000 jobs in the US. – Source

6. Want to splurge on the world’s most expensive phone? It will only set you back a cool $9.7 million dollars (or 6 million pounds), but hey!, who can resist dinosaur bones & diamonds? – Source

7. World population: 7 billion. Number of mobile subscriptions: 6 billion. Global penetration: 87%. Enough said. – Source

8. “Show me the money!” The mobile industry, valued around $1.5 trillion, is the youngest trillion dollar industry in the world. – Source

9. Let the craze begin. Long before the iPhone & other smartphones we’ve come to love, there was IBM Simon- the first smartphone on the market. Released in 1993, this bulky phone had calendar, fax, touchscreen, and other features. All this for only $899; with inflation, Simon would set you back around $1,400 today. – Source

10. Far out! Over 180 million iPhones have been sold to date. If you turn them sideways and line them up, they measure over 12,700 miles.

That’s long enough to build a bridge from Rio de Janeiro to Shanghai, circle halfway around the world or circle almost 3 times around Pluto. (Calculated from data – Avg iPhone height 4.5 inches, 180 million iPhones sold)

Hope you learned at least one new thing about mobile that you didn’t already know. If you have other interesting, fun mobile facts, let us know in the comments section down below.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Nomophobia – love it! Would have huessed that was a fear of small statues of ugly things in my garden…

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