Announcing Mobile Roadie 4.0, our best version yet!

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We’re excited to release Mobile Roadie 4.0, our best version yet! For our newest release, we wanted to make the process of creating a mobile presence from start to finish easier than ever before.

That entailed new product offerings, more features, a new pricing structure, and a completely redesigned CMS. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to constant improvement!

New Product Offerings

We’ve simplified our product offerings, consolidating our Core, Plus, and Pro packages into a single version with 6 optional packages that gives you the flexibility to cherry pick Pro features to customize your package; our Pro package continues to be an “all in” package with every bell and whistle we offer.

We are also bundling iPhone and Android together in a single mobile app offering; if you have just one platform, you get the other at no additional cost when you upgrade to a new package. We believe that all our customers need to be on both platforms, so they’re now included in all native app packages.

What are the feature packages? 

The 6 feature packages you can add to your app all perform different functions

Advanced Design Package – Additional design features for your app, including unlimited themes, custom navigation buttons, pre roll video, and premium badge & icon sets.

Advanced Views – Makes your app even more entertaining for your users with the addition of Photocards (upload your art over the user’s camera), Bopler’s in-app game integration, Aurasma’s augmented reality plug in, and the ability to duplicate sections & features.

Commerce Package – This package allows you to easily sell physical merchandise to your users, built in to your app. Upon full release (coming soon), it will support all common online stores.

Advanced Analytics – More analytical tools to better understand your users, including advanced reporting, advanced push notifications, session time reports, and full user list organized by influence (based on # of Twitter followers or Facebook friends a user has).

Advanced Developer Tools – This package includes features like MoRo API access, the ability to implement a custom ad network, support for you to insert a custom section into your app, and enhanced developer support.

Advanced Content Package – This package packs your app with more options to organize content, including the ability to categorize content, giving users the ability to search for content, and featured content slideshows.

If you want everything we offer, simply choose “Pro” to get all packages, built in (as well as a discount compared to adding packages a-la-carte).

Mobile Web & iPad

For iPad, we’ve redesigned the entire experience from scratch to take advantage of the tablet’s larger screen. Every view will look and feel like it was made for the iPad.

Our new Mobile Web product enables any brand or small business to create a mobile-friendly site on any budget. Unlike most of the mobile web products on the market, our mobile web product is easy-to-use and customizable, down to the smallest details such as fonts and colors. We’re including our mobile web product at no extra charge in every native app package. For those who want a mobile presence but aren’t ready or don’t have the budget to build their own app, we are offering a limited (free) version and a paid premium version of our mobile web product.

To view our two new platforms in detail, visit our iPad & Mobile Web announcement.

New Pricing

We’ve also replaced our existing pricing with an all-new pricing structure that is simple and straightforward. We’re no longer charging monthly customers initial setup or download overage fees. All packages now include unlimited downloads and our ongoing feature upgrades.

Existing MoRo customers have the choice to stay with their current pricing plan or be moved over to a new pricing plan.

For some customers, the new pricing is less expensive than your current pricing plan. If you’re one of these customers, you can immediately upgrade to Mobile Roadie 4.0 and be billed at the new lower rate.

For other customers, the new pricing is more expensive than what you are currently paying for a variety of reasons, including (new) unlimited downloads, new features, and an additional platform (for example, Android if you only have an iPhone app). If you’re one of these customers, don’t worry. As a current and loyal customer, we have grandfathered you in – there is no added cost to your bill, as long as you stay on your current package. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued business.

For more information regarding the new pricing, please check out our FAQ Support Page or view our pricing page.

Completely Redesigned Website and CMS

We’re also excited to reveal our completely redesigned website and CMS. Our new CMS is easier to use and navigate around, and has integrated tooltips with video walkthroughs to guide you along the way. If you’re an existing customer, you can log in to your CMS right now and upgrade to the new CMS.

Other New Features

Other new features in Mobile Roadie 4.0 include:

– New analytics and push notification options

– New design options

– More promotion and marketing tools

– More technology integration with leading tech companies

– Free trial period to demo our products

– And more to be revealed soon!

Mobile-First World

We’re living in a mobile first world: Traffic from mobile devices and tablets will surpass desktop shortly, and it’s estimated that 660 million smartphones and 106 million tablets will be shipped this year alone. In the U.S., smartphones will outsell feature phones this year for the first time ever. So now is the time that every brand and business needs a high quality, low cost mobile presence.

Mobile Roadie 4.0 is our largest platform update since we launched in 2009! With the newest version, our goal is to make it easier than ever for you to build your mobile presence, organize content, and engage your audience. And with our easy-to-use platform, beautiful yet affordable products, and 20 million plus users enjoying our gallery of apps, we’re here to help you get started.

We hope you enjoy Mobile Roadie 4.0. If you have any questions please contact Support.

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