App of the Week: San Diego Zoo Safari Park launches app!

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Want to go on a safari? Ready to get up close and personal with giraffes, rhinos, and elephants? Well, you can go on an African safari without spending thousands of dollars or flying thousands of miles.

Back in December of last year, San Diego Zoo released their official app to the joy of animal lovers across the world.

And now they’re back with the launch of the official app for the Safari Park. The Safari Park is “an expansive wildlife sanctuary that is home to more than 3,500 animals representing more than 400 species. Over half of the Park’s 1,800 acres have been set aside as protected native species habitat.”

In the app, visitors can learn about the 9 safari packages offered, use the Map on their safari journey, check out upcoming Events, and brush up on Visitor Info to plan their day. And to much fanfare, the app includes Live Cams! Now, animal lovers around the world can watch elephants play in real time.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to the Safari Park or want to get up close & personal with the elephants, download the official San Diego Zoo Safari Park app at

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