Growing Opportunity for Business Success: Mobile Marketing

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A recent study conducted by StrongMail revealed an increasing number of businesses are excited about integrating mobile into their marketing strategies. Surveys were completed by more than 800 business leaders around the world, and the results found that:

The most popular forms of mobile marketing are: 1) Mobile Websites; 2) Mobile Applications); and then 3) QR Codes. However, less than half of those surveyed are running any of them, approximately 45%. Of those who are running them, 57% have been running them for a year or less. Of those who aren’t running any, 75% plan to within a year or more.

The benefits of mobile marketing are believed to be: 1) Increase sales and acquire new customers; and then 2) Increase brand awareness.

However, due to the lack of resources, effective strategy tactics, and limited budgets, businesses are being held back from “embracing mobile marketing” fully. 54% of those surveyed revealed that only 5% (or less!) of their interactive budgets are allocated to mobile programs. 25% revealed that only 1% of their interactive budgets are allocated to mobile; however, 70% of those with mobile strategies in place expect to have larger mobile budgets in the next year or later.

One interesting point to note is that only 43% have integrated their email marketing and mobile marketing programs. Of those, only 29% have been able to increase their # of email subscribers using mobile marketing; 43% say they “Don’t Know” if their # of subscribers increased. For those who have Mobile Roadie apps, it is easy to track how many new email subscribers are added through the mobile app because we record this data for them. From there, marketers can email exclusive campaigns about their mobile app to this list, combining email & mobile marketing.

The opportunity for mobile marketing is growing, and with the right tools, strategies, and resources, businesses and brands can take advantage of all that mobile has to offer.

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