Mobile Roadie powers the official Le Web’12 London conference app

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Le Web’12 London is in full swing, wrapping up on June 20th. Recognized as Europe’s largest tech conference, Le Web brings together the entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers who shape the future of the Internet.

Last year in Paris, the theme of Le Web was SoLoMo or “SOCIAL-LOCAL-MOBILE”. This year in London, the theme is “Faster than Real Time” which examines the hot new technologies that are “giving us what we crave” at a moment’s notice, as well as the entrepreneur’s behind them.

MoRo CEO Michael Schneider is at LeWeb’12. Check out the interview LeWeb did with Michael a few days before the conference where they discuss the mobile world and how it’s changing.

We’re honored to be powering the official app of Le Web for another year, available for iPhone, Android, and now iPad. You can download the app at

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