How to create and build a mobile app with Mobile Roadie

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Is a DIY app creator right for you?

That depends on the type of app you want to build. If you’re looking to build a game app or an highly-custom app, then your best bet is to hire a developer who can take your blueprint and make it into a reality. However, if you want to build an app that allows your brand to penetrate the growing mobile space without spending tens of thousands of dollars, then an app creator is just what you need.

We power apps (as well as mobile websites) for thousands of brands and businesses around the world – like music artists, hotels, restaurants, sports, and even conferences – to help them connect with users on-the-go. With our self-service platform, you’ll be able to create and manage your own app or apps with ease.

Where to begin – What platform do you need? 

First, you should decide what type of mobile presence best fits your brand or business, as well as budget. We offer three different platforms to meet your needs:

1) If you want a basic mobile presence without spending a pretty penny, then consider creating a Mobile Website, which pulls content from your website into a mobile-friendly site.

2) If you want an actual app where you have the ability to add content, pick or upload your own designs, and reach iPhone & Android users, then our iPhone/Android platform is your best choice. You’ll be able to show off and promote your brand, inform users, sell merchandise, and connect with fans who have downloaded your app.

3) We also offer the iPad platform, which is designed for those who want to showcase beautiful, engaging content on the iPad’s big screen and rich graphic interface.

What’s next – Start building your app! 

After you sign up for the platform or platforms of your choosing, you can get started building your app in the CMS! For a beautiful, engaging app, make sure to have hi-res graphics (ex: logo, header images, backgrounds, etc) and enough content (ex: videos, photos, music, news feeds, etc). It’s important to have a high quality app that your users will enjoy – and while app creators do the hard work for you, you

If you’re building an iPhone or iPad app, you should get an iOS Developer account (if you don’t have one already), which is necessary for when we submit your completed app to Apple for approval.

After you’re done? Start marketing your app! 

Once your mobile site is finished or your app approved by Apple and Google, you’ll need to promote it – the worst thing you can do is to create an app and leave it alone to fend for itself in the crowded and highly competitive app markets. Most likely, without promotion, your app won’t see many downloads. Luckily, promoting your app is easy.

1) Online ~ Announce your app on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube to reach existing fans who would be excited to download your app. It’s not enough to post about your app only when it first launches, you should talk about your app on a continuous basis. Use your website to feature your app in an advertisement or include it as part of your social networks section.

2) Offline ~ Talk about your app wherever you are. If you’re a restaurant, hang up a poster of your app along with its unique QR code right next to your Yelp, Google Places or Foursquare sticker. If you’re a music artist, hang up promo materials around your tour venues. If you’re a merchant, bring your app to the storefront by offering exclusive discounts toward tangible items to customers who have downloaded your app. There are so many ways to utilize your app offline.

3) Inside your app ~ We offer marketing tools that promote your app from within. Tools like Promo Popups, Photo Cards, Push Notifications, and Share to Unlock promote user activity while increasing the number of shares to other social network sites. Your users are your best brand advocates, so give them reasons to share your app with their friends.

If fans aren’t downloading your app, they either 1) Don’t have an iOS or Android device; 2) Don’t know that your app exists; or 3) Don’t understand the benefits of downloading your app. For reason #1, that’s not something that you can directly change – time is required for that; however, you can play an active part in spreading the word and letting your fans know the benefits of downloading your app.

Remember, your app is a part of your mobile strategy which requires attention and effort to be successful. Update content on a regular basis, find ways to further engage your existing users, and be proactive in gaining new users. Doing these things will help increase user activity and downloads.

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