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In 2010, the very first DLDwomen was held in Munich, Germany as a platform for attendees to “exchange experiences on all major leadership, health and economic issues” as well as to gain “insights worth knowing and reflections on a societal development.”

Founded by DLD Conference co-founder Steffi Czerny and chaired by Dr. Maria Furtwängler, DLDwomen “tries to create a new image of women in our society and raise awareness for many still cliché-covered stereotypes” each year. Co-chairs for DLDwomen this year include Vivane Reding (EU Commissioner), Pat Mitchell (Paley Center NYC), Ursula von der Leyen (German Politician), and Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post).

Last year, DLDwomen centered discussions around “The Female Decade.” In 2012, the theme is “New Values, New Rules” focusing in on key topics like “women empowerment driven by new economics, globalization, technology and politics” brought about by changes in these areas: “The new world of work, entrepreneur and leadership; education; health; community involvement, engagement, social business & humanity 2.0; and lifestyle, e-commerce & entertainment.”

Attendees, both men and women, from business, media, tech, society, health, education, politics, and science, can participate in case studies, discussions, and listen to 50 plus high profile speakers from around the world.

You can be part of the DLDwomen community by downloading the official app powered by Mobile Roadie. Inside the app, you can get a program overview of all the sessions at the conference, watch the latest videos and live streams, catch up on news, read about the speakers, and a lot more.

Download the DLDwomen app at in time for the conference which runs from July 11 to July 12, 2012 in Munich, Germany.

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