Mobile Advertising: Mobile devices account for 18% of paid search clicks

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Marketers may want to rethink their advertising strategies to include mobile (if they haven’t done so already). A recent report compiled by Marin Software, a digital ad management company, found that 18% of paid search clicks come from mobile devices – 10% from smartphones and 8% from tablets (data compiled from 1,500 plus advertisers/agencies who together spent more than $3.5B/year). A short while ago, paid search clicks from mobile devices accounted for 14% of total clicks; and one year ago, mobile devices accounted for only 5% of total paid search clicks.

Gagan Kanwar, director of partnerships & research at Marin Software, says, “The growth of mobile is not surprising…I think mobile search will continue to grow,” predicting that mobile devices will account for 25% of total paid search clicks by the end of this year, with tablets leading the way. Tablets, he says, are “still new and under-penetrated” compared to their counterparts – smartphones.

Another reason why Kanwar believes tablets will overtake smartphones in paid search clicks is due to the relationship between tablets and PCs. PCs are being replaced by tablets – a decrease in paid search clicks on PCs results in an increase on tablets; as opposed to the relationship between smartphones and PCs – “paid search clicks on smartphones are completely incremental to those happening on desktops.”

Advertisers should not take these findings lightly. According to this report, paid search clicks from mobile devices will continue to grow at an alarming rate. As such, marketers and advertisers should prepare with mobile-friendly advertisements and websites, so that when consumers click on that paid search link, they’ll end up in a site that’s friendly for their tablet or smartphone.

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