How to use SEO to market your mobile app

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The mobile app market is, well, crowded. With thousands of apps being submitted to different app stores each day, stores are flooded with new apps clamoring to become the next big thing or to at least make it on the charts – tough goals to achieve, for sure. While your app may take off organically, it may turn stagnant and live forever in the pool of forgotten apps. Luckily, there are ways to help your app gain traction and downloads.

A simple way to help direct traffic to your app is by implementing simple and honest SEO tactics. While an app itself isn’t SEO-friendly, the content surrounding the app such as the description, keywords, title, and category are.

Description > This section is your chance to describe your app in detail and simultaneously persuade users to download your app. Like traditional SEO efforts, make sure the description is written for your target audience. Include search-friendly keywords and reciprocate links to and from your app’s page on your website (if available).

Keywords > Keywords should be tailored to your target audience and be as descriptive as possible about your app.

Title > The title of your app should be short, yet descriptive. It should let users know what your app is about (if your brand doesn’t speak for itself) while being attractive enough to lure users to read on to the description. The title also influences the URL of your app’s landing page.

Category > The category you pick is where your app will be listed under in the app stores. For example, a basketball app should be under the category “Sports” and a banking app is most suited for the “Finance” category. If your app falls under multiple categories, choose the most relevant one.

In addition to searching in app stores, potential users find apps through Google or other search engines. So it’s best to optimize for both channels. If possible, create a page or section on your website specific to your app – include a description, screenshots, FAQs, and anything else you think may be useful for users or potential users to find more information, as well as helpful for SEO goals.

While these SEO tips may help you reassess your promotion strategy, note however, that to have a truly successful app, it needs to function properly, provide value to users, and be of high quality. If your app makes it to the charts, you don’t want bad reviews to stop the greatness that could have been.

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