Android shipments grow 106.5% in one year to dominate smartphone market in Q2 2012, Apple follows behind

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A recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that Apple and Google reached a new record together in the smartphone market – Of the 154 million smartphones shipped, iOS and Android devices accounted for 85% or 130.8 million of all smartphones shipped in Q2 2012.

1st place: Android led with 68.1% market share or 104.8 million devices. Samsung dominated with 44% market share of all Android devices shipped in this time period.

2nd place: iOS shipments grew 27.5% from last year; however, was slower than the overall market growth of 42.2%.

3rd & 4th place: Blackberry only accounted for 4.8% market share with 7.4 million shipped. Symbian accounted for 4.4% with 6.8 million shipments.

5th place: Windows accounted for 3.5% with 5.4 million shipments, a 115.3% change from last year when Windows only accounted for 2.3% market share or 2.5 million shipments.

Last year, Android commanded 46.9% market share with 50.8 million shipments; iOS held 18.8% market share with 20.4 million shipments; and Blackberry accounted for 11.5% market share w/ 12.5 million shipments. In Q2 2011, an estimated 108.3 million smartphones were shipped.

In a year, Android shipments jumped an astounding 106.5%; iOS increased by 27.5%; and the total number of smartphone shipments grew 42.2%. Blackberry and Symbian, however, experienced a 40.9% and 62.9% decrease, respectively. Percent changes based on number of shipments (in millions).

To sum up Q2 2012’s results nicely, Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst at IDC, said, “The mobile OS market is now unquestionably a two-horse race due to the dominance of Android and iOS.”

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