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Bloc Party are back after a brief hiatus with their fourth studio album appropriately titled Four. The album officially launched on August 20th, however, fans could listen to Four in its entirety a whole week before the release on Bloc Party’s website.

They could also listen to the album in the official Bloc Party app, which was released this month to the delight of fans around the world; Bloc Party’s global digital coordinator Karen Piper said that the integration of the album streaming website inside the app “has broadened the reach of the album and given them a second wave of activity, fan engagement and sharing.”

In addition to album streaming, what makes the app unique is a custom section built in called “Weather” – Fans can get personal “Weather Fourcasts” from band members via short video clips by providing their location. This custom section, exclusive to the app, is turning out to be a “big hit”.

Bloc Party’s digital marketing manager shared the reason behind their decision to create an app: “This is a new phase at Bloc Party HQ, and a band with such a hardcore fanbase really deserved an updated version of the online channels they’ve enjoyed previously (forums, fan clubs, etc.). The Mobile Roadie app has really allowed us to update our presence and literally go straight to fans with information, news, video and audio plus fan incentives and exclusives.”

Download the official Bloc Party app by visiting http://road.ie/blocparty.


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