How to implement mobile marketing at your next event

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The Mobile Marketing Association hosted its “Become Best-in-Class in Mobile: Learn How Coca-Cola’s Mobile Center of Excellence Adds Value & Educates from Within” webinar last week, featuring Coca-Cola’s Connections Planning & Investment (Media & Interactive Marketing) Chris Bigda and Mozes CEO Dorrian Porter.

One of the key takeaways of the presentation was this: The power of mobile during events, which was illustrated with several Coca-Cola event case studies. According to Dorrian, the power of events lies in the attendees. At events, attendees are looking for something to do alongside the event; they are authentic, in a good mood, and have their phones next to them – the perfect audience for a brand to launch a mobile campaign.

Here are the case studies covered in the webinar:

Case Study #1: Essence Music Festival – In partnership with Mozes, Coca-Cola launched a text messaging campaign that gave attendees the chance to win mobile tickets to an upcoming Coca-Cola BBQ event. Winners were selected from a pool of participants who sent a text message to a designated number.

*By limiting access and thus creating exclusivity, people are more likely to want to go to your event.

Case Study #2: Spring Break Event – Throughout the week, attendees were encouraged to use their phones to choose music, win prizes, and other fun activities. Conversation continued long after the Spring Break event was over.

*Look for ways to carry on engagement long-term, even after the event is over.

Case Study #3: NASCAR Event – Coca-Cola & Mozes used large screens & mobile messaging to generate fan content, including tweets, photos, and text messages, from attendees. By turning this into an interactive experience, organizers allowed this content to show on screens longer than other advertisements.

*Fan-generated content that is amplified to a much larger audience is very compelling & engaging.

Case Study #4: Super Bowl XLVI – Coca-Cola launched the Polar Bowl, a live stream that featured the famous Coca-Cola polar bears, to play alongside the Super Bowl. More than half a million people tuned into the live stream to watch the polar bears react in real-time to the game, the halftime show, and everything in between. It made for entertaining content as one bear rooted for the Patriots, while the other rooted for the Giants. The social media world was abuzz with viewers tweeting & posting about the Polar Bowl, which led to more viewers tuning in.

*Who wouldn’t want to watch real-time content that is entertaining and easily accessible?

The ability for Coca-Cola & Mozes to drive activation around mobile & do so over the course of 3 years shines a light on consumers’ readiness to engage on their phones. People are always on the lookout to engage at the right moment and the right place with their phones, and events are the perfect places to do just that.

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