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We love it when businesses use our platform to create unique apps, so when we got wind of the iTALKLAB app, we had to learn more from iTALKLAB’s CEO/Founder Gibran Carter. Check out our interview below:

What is iTALKLAB?  iTALKLAB (i-talk-loud-about-basketball) is a mobile app that connects basketball junkies, fanatics, and players worldwide.

When did you launch?  We launched iTALKLAB in June of 2012.

Why did you choose Mobile Roadie to create your app?  We were going to outsource our app overseas to a design firm, but later heard some not so good things about the whole outsourcing process. Also, we wanted to find a company that was going to constantly update your app with the ever so changing mobile industry. We chose Mobile Roadie because the price was right, the features were exactly what we needed and the platform was very cool.

How did you hear about us? I was at the airport on my way to Chicago and I decided to pick up Entrepreneur magazine. While on the plane I saw Mobile Roadie featured in the magazine and I was immediately hooked.  I immediately powered my phone on (hoping the flight attendant didn’t see me lol) and hopped on the Mobile Roadie website to see what it was all about.

What is the best part about the iTALKLAB app? There are many features that I would consider the best part! The fan wall is the prize in our app. This is where users can share their basketball experiences. Whether it be a fresh new pair of Air Jordans, or a picture from a basketball event, the fan wall is where all the action is.  Our fan base really enjoys the point system and it’s getting more and more competitive as more users join the app. We just did our first T-shirt giveaway for the top user of the week!

What is the best part about the Mobile Roadie platform? The user interface is awesome! It’s slick, clean and very customizable. I like how many options are provided for your every needs and it can be accessible just with the click of a button. It’s very engaging and you can really connect with your audience.

What have you done to promote the iTALKLAB? Have you taken advantage of any of the marketing tools (QR Codes, Push Notifications, Promo Popups, etc.) that Mobile Roadie offers? We are using push notifications and plan on using QR codes at some events we will be attending.  Also, we have used the fan wall widget and passed it along to several sites.

What are your hopes for the iTALKLAB app? We plan on being the go-to app for all basketball players, fans, and basketball junkies. We are working extremely hard to be in every arena, high school basketball gyms and basketball courts worldwide. Also, we plan on partnering up with basketball companies and promoting their basketball events, camps, etc in our app.

If you’re a fan of the sport, check out the iTALKLAB app at where you’ll be able to share your experiences and meet other basketball junkies around the world.

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