The reason behind M. Ward’s official app “A Wasteland Companion”

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M. Ward, singer-songwriter/ guitarist extraordinaire, has just released his official app powered by Mobile Roadie, and response has been phenomenal.

Chosen as one of the top 10 creative apps by The Huffington Post, Ward’s app is currently ranked 1st, placing higher than apps like The J. Paul Getty Museum Highlights of the Collection (#2), Draw Something (#4), and Bjork: Biophilia (#5). The app is also featured in another article by The Huffington Post titled “M. Ward Presents A New App For Radio Lovers,” where M. Ward reveals the inspiration behind his app.

With mentions in The Huffington Post, word has been spreading amongst various news outlets. All this press has been completely organic too! So why would M. Ward’s app, named “A Wasteland Companion,” be gaining all this press?

Inside Ward’s app is a very special section named “Public Radio”; this section is a compilation of 1,000 local, independent radio stations across the US that M. Ward handpicked himself. Let’s say a user wants to listen to a radio station in the state of California. He/she can go to the section in the app, pick “California” from a list of states, view all of the radio stations chosen by M. Ward on a very accurate map, and then click the station of their choice to listen to online streams.

So what was the inspiration behind this section? In addition to M. Ward’s passion for radio, he realized that while traveling across the country and the world, he didn’t have access to good radio. The app was a project “to ignite” the hunt for good radio, in addition to “giving fans the opportunity to hear tracks off his newest album…and to follow his tour schedule.”

The section was made possible through geo-location and maps, which we offer on our platform. Add in innovation, and you’ve got yourself an amazing section. The app is perfect for M. Ward fans, as well as those who appreciate radio. And it’s not just about M. Ward; using the latest technology, the app is revitalizing and shining a light on something that has been fading, but that people still appreciate. It’s because of these reasons that the app is making waves in the music, arts, and mobile communities.

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