Mobile Roadie chosen as one of the best mobile app development tools by DailyTekk

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DailyTekk, “a great discovery site for the hungry mind” was started in January 2012 by Chris McConnell, an entrepreneur, curator, blogger, and innovator, among other titles. What Chris created was not a tech blog, but rather a curation site, collecting “cool & useful technology to share, incredible lists & posts highlighting what’s fresh in the startup, gadget and social media fields…”,as well as insights into “the minds of today’s brightest businesspeople.”

One of the most popular sections of DailyTekk is Lists – their most popular is “Top 100 Tech” (“many of which have been shared hundreds of thousands of times”). Well, they’re back with another “Top 100 Tech” list, but this time they’re covering “the world of graphic, app and web design” and expanding the list to 200. Introducing The 200 Best Graphic, App & Web Design Tools & Resources list, which took DailyTekk close to 4 days to curate. Categories include “The Big 4 Online Design Networks/Empires,” “Infographics & Data Visualization Resources,” “Web Development Tools & Resources,” “Design Magazines,” “Mobile App Development Tools & Resources,” and more.

We’re excited to be chosen as one of the best Mobile App Development Tools & Resources, and want to thank DailyTekk for the feature. For the full list, you can click here.


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