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For 16 years and counting, Indiewire has been covering news on the independent film community, shining light on the lesser-known films that are most often forgotten by mainstream news outlets. In addition to films, Indiewire also covers festivals and television.

Throughout the years, Indiewire has been praised left and right by respected film critics and organizations alike: In 2002, Forbes chose Indiewire as one of the “Best of the Web” picks in the “Cinema Appreciation” category; This year, the film news site won a prestigious Webby Award in the Movie and Film category.

With news coming in at all times of the day on the site, there is a lot of information to digest. Luckily, now you can check Indiewire right on your phone with the brand-new app powered by Mobile Roadie! The Indiewire app “provides one-tap access for film reviews, festival reports, filmmaker interviews, and their dozen plus publications.” And that’s not all! You can watch trailers, share on your social networks, and much more.

Download the official Indiewire app for all your independent film and TV news at


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