What’s the Mobile App Market Worth? 2012 Edition

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Time sure does go by FAST. Last year, we covered the app market in 2011 in this post – from the number of apps in the App Store to the number of minutes users spent in apps, we uncovered some important stats & figures. And now that a year has passed, we thought it would be interesting to see the changes that have occurred in the market. Here are our findings:

1. Apple’s App Store

In 2011, there were over 450,000 different apps available for download, and over 15  billion apps were downloaded to date.

Now, there are over 700,000 different apps available for download, and over 30 billion apps downloaded to date, marking increases of 56% and 100%, respectively.

2. Google’s Android Market  Google Play

In addition to a name change, in one year, Google Play has increased the number of available apps from 200,000 to over 650,000, and downloads from 5 billion to 20 billion – huge increases of 225% and 300%, respectively.

So while Apple is still winning in the numbers, Google is catching up, exhibiting faster growth rates in both available apps and number of downloaded apps.

3. Time spent in Mobile Apps

Last year, mobile analytics firm Flurry discovered that users spent an average of 81 minutes per day in mobile apps, and 74 minutes browsing the web. Now, users are spending an average of 94 minutes in mobile apps, and 72 minutes browsing the web. The time spent in mobile apps has increased over 16% while the time spent web browsing has decreased.

In Conclusion

In 2015, the mobile app market is predicted to be worth $36.7 billion, and recent data has discovered that by 2017, the market will be worth an astounding $101.2 billion. It’s still 2012, so we can’t be certain if these figures will prove to be true, but what we do know is that the mobile app market is already worth billions in its young stage, and thus ripe with opportunity.

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