Mini Case Study: The Jonas Brothers Offer Exclusive Content In Their Mobile App

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Last week, the Jonas Brothers had their much-anticipated, sold-out reunion stage at Radio City Music Hall in NYC to the screams of thousands of fans. In addition to classics, the brothers performed new songs rumored to be songs from their upcoming album.

The social world was abuzz in the days leading up to the event with fans talking about the Jonas Brothers and their reunion stage – activity in the Jonas Brothers app was higher than average with more downloads, more page views, more Fan Wall comments, etc. This uptick in app activity didn’t fade after the concert ended either. In fact, activity seemed to increase with fans eager to share their thoughts about what they had witnessed.

For fans who missed the concert or want to relive it, they can watch video in the JB on VyRT section or view images only available in the app. To make photos exclusive, the Jonas Brothers team utilized our Share to Unlock promotional tool to lock certain images. Fans can unlock these locked images by sharing the app to their social networks. It’s a win-win situation for both parties – more app downloads for the Jonas Brothers, and exclusive content for fans.

To alert app users of the exclusive content, they uploaded a new home gallery image linked to the Photos section in the app, giving fans quick access to the content (seen below):

To download the Jonas Brothers app, visit

2 thoughts on “Mini Case Study: The Jonas Brothers Offer Exclusive Content In Their Mobile App

  1. Unlockable content and utilizing the gamification system within the Moro CMS is key to your app’s success. Brand Legendary is about to launch the most popular Mobile Roadie App to date:) Congrats to the Jonas Brothers and their people for using Mobile Roadie…

  2. Well said! It’s all about how well you utilize the tools we offer to make your app truly come alive & different from a mobile website.

    P.S. Congrats on the soon-to-launch app!

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