Android Dominates Smartphone Shipments in Third Quarter 2012, iOS Trails Behind

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The International Data Corporation released smartphone shipment figures for Q3 2012, and things are looking pretty for Android. Out of the 181.1 million smartphones shipped in this time period, 75% or 136 million units were Android. This figure is significant in that it represents a jaw-dropping 91.5% change from last year’s Q3 57.5% market share for Android. To put this in perspective, the overall market growth rate of Q3 2012 was 46.4%.

Android launched 4 years ago, but in that short period of time, has emerged as the leader in market share of smartphone shipments. In 2008, market share was 0.5%; in 2009, market share grew to 4.0%; in 2010, market share jumped to 23.3%; in 2011, this figure again grew to 49.2%; and this year (to date), Android market share is now at 68.2% (see table below).

Ramon Llamas (Research Manager of Mobile Phones, IDC) stated, “Android has been one of the primary growth engines of the smartphone market since it was launched in 2008…In every year since then, Android has effectively outpaced the market and taken market share from the competition.”

But Android isn’t the only OS to grow in Q3 of this year – iOS, while at a distant market share of 14.9% or 26.9 million shipments, grew 57.3% from last Q3. Interestingly, these figures for iOS do not include total shipments that resulted from iPhone 5 and lower priced iPhone models.

Windows Phone was the only other OS to grow in Q3. Launched two years ago, Windows phone shipments numbered only 3.6 million units or 2% market share; however, a year ago in Q3, Windows captured only 1.2% market share. In one year, market share grew 140%, and with the release of Windows Phone 8, Q4 2012 may bring more significant results.

On the other end of the spectrum, Blackberry, Symbian, Linux, and Other Operating Systems saw negative growth from Q3 2011 to Q3 2012. Blackberry, which captured 4.3% market share in Q3, fell 34.7% from last year when it had 9.5% market share. Symbian experienced a decline of 77.3% from 14.6% market share in Q3 2011 to a measly 2.3% market share this year. Linux also experienced a decline of 31.7% this year, as well as “Other” Operating Systems which declined 100% in market share.

See table below for all figures:

To summarize:

– Android celebrated its 4th anniversary this year with 75% market share or 136 million shipments in Q3

– The overall market growth rate of smartphone shipments in Q3 was 46.4%. Android alone grew nearly double this rate with a year-over-year growth of 91.5%.

– iOS trailed behind Android with 14.9% market share, but had a year-over-year growth of 57.3%.

– Windows grabbed only 3.6% market share, but had a year-over-year growth of 140%, having been on the market for only two years.

– Blackberry, Symbian, Linux, and other OS had negative year-over-year growths. Their combined market share of 8.1% was no match to iOS and Android. In fact, their combined market share added in with Window’s totaled a 10.1% market share, which still wasn’t enough to catch up with the dominating forces of iOS and Android.

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