Attention All Mobile Roadie Clients: Important Update from Apple

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If you have an Apple Developer account, it is very important to read the following announcement:

Apple recently made updates to their app resubmission requirements. In order to resubmit your app for the latest updates, bug fixes, design changes, and etc. from here on out, we need some information from you if you haven’t already updated this information.

We’ve updated our CMS to reflect these new requirements, so at your earliest convenience, please log in to your CMS and fill in the new fields under App Vitals in Manage. We’ll need your First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number, in addition to the previously required Email, Password, and Company Display Name.

Additionally, if you still haven’t uploaded your new app icon of 1024x1024px and a Loader Image of 640x1136px, please do so, as they are also required for resubmits.

This information is important to have when we resubmit your app for our next update. Stay tuned as we reveal more information.

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