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We offer 5 different feature packages that make your App even more exciting for you and your users. See below for a description of each of our feature packages:


Advanced Design Package – This package gives you additional design features for your app, including unlimited themes, custom navigation buttons, pre roll video, and premium badge & icon sets.

*Premium Themes – More beautiful app themes created by our design team for you to choose from.

*Custom Buttons – Create and upload your own custom buttons.

*Video Intro – Upload your own short video that will roll when a user opens your app.

*Premium Badge Sets- More beautiful badge sets created by our design team for you to choose from.

*Premium Icon Sets – More beautiful icon sets created by our design team for you to choose from.

Example: San Diego Zoo Custom Buttons


Advanced Views – This package makes your app even more entertaining for your users with the addition of Photo Cards (upload your art over the user’s camera), Bopler’s in-app game integration, and the ability to duplicate sections & features.



*Sonic Notify


Example: Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark Photo Cards


Advanced Analytics – This package gives you more analytical tools to better understand your users, including advanced reporting, advanced push notifications, session time reports, and full user list organized by influence (based on # of Twitter followers or Facebook friends a user has).

*Advanced Push – Includes push campaign results, including number of pushes sent & opened

*Full User List – A complete report on your users, including email, points earned, and location

*Session Time – Tracks how long users spend inside your app.


Advanced Developer Tools – This package includes features like MoRo API access, the ability to implement a custom ad network, support for you to insert a custom section into your app, and enhanced developer support. You’ll be able to import large amounts of content easily with API access.

*Custom Ad Network

*Custom Section Ability

*API Access

*Enhanced Developer Support


Organization Package – This package packs your app with more options to organize content, including the ability to categorize content, giving users the ability to search for content, and featured content slideshows.


*Category Shortcuts – Ability to duplicate categories for added content.

*Featured Content Slideshows – Automatically create slideshows that feature content with categories.

*Web Page Section – Ability to open websites seamlessly in your app.

Example: Katy Perry App

You can score any Feature Package for free when you sign up for an Annual Core Mobile App! For the juicy details, please contact sales@mobileroadie.com.

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