How to instantly get more reviews for your app and why it matters

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With over 700,000 thousands apps in the App Store and over 675,000 apps in Google Play, it’s a battle out there. And while it may be intimidating to launch your app in these…less than ideal conditions, a well-planned marketing strategy developed beforehand can ease some of those fears.

When developing your app marketing strategy, you should dedicate at least one section to App Ratings/Reviews. Having a top-rated app can boost downloads, persuade those who are on-the-fence to download your app, and get your app noticed by media outlets and influencers alike; however, getting to that point may be harder than you thought. Luckily, there are ways to increase the number of reviews and ratings for your app.

A simple way to generate ratings and reviews is to incentivize users. In other words, reward users for rating your app. The app Dragon Flight, a simple game where you collect coins while shooting and flying past dragons, does this brilliantly. A Dragon Flight player earns 2,000 coins automatically by rating or posting a review in the App Store.

The result? More than 35,000 ratings in total that average 4.5 stars and a No. 1 App Store ranking in 19 countries (Of course, the game itself is addicting and functions well). With these reviews, the developers can find out directly what users are happy with, unhappy with, and want they want to see, all leading to a better game in future updates.

If you don’t offer coins or points in your app, you can reward users with other incentives in exchange for ratings/reviews. Try rewarding users with prizes that don’t cost much or anything, but if that’s not an option, it’s up to you to determine how much user feedback and a highly-rated app are worth (both of which don’t guarantee a popular app).

Another way to boost ratings and reviews? Build a beautiful and functional app that users want to download and share with their friends. People are inclined to share their opinions on products they really love (or hate) online, so make sure you have an app that wouldn’t make it on the hate list in the first place.


2 thoughts on “How to instantly get more reviews for your app and why it matters

  1. Great post! I heard that Apple no longer allows developer to incentivize users to leave reviews by rewarding them with in app coins, diamonds, etc. I like the prize ideas.

    I also heard developers are now using services like Gnome Escape to generate reviews for their apps.

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