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Not using push notifications when you have a mobile app is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Why?

Well, 1) You’re not taking advantage of an app-only feature (mobile websites don’t have the ability to send out pushes); and 2) You’re missing out on the opportunity to engage with users and bring them back inside the app.

Now, let’s say you do decide to utilize push notifications but have no idea what’s the appropriate way to go about sending them. Fear not, for we have got you covered.

First, draft a rough outline of the content you are going to push out. Will you focus on breaking news, new updates, promotions or all of the above? If you’re a musician, you could send out a push to inform fans of new tour dates. If you’re a sports team, up-to-the-minute game results may be just what your users want. And that’s the secret of a good push – you need to put yourself in your users’ shoes and understand what they want to be informed about, what gets them excited, and most importantly what gets them to go inside your app.

For example, a great way to engage users through push notifications is through a giveaway. Host a giveaway inside the app (i.e. Fan Wall Giveaway or Top User Contest) and then announce the winners through a push notification. A giveaway is a fun way to engage users.

Next, plan how often you’re going to send pushes. We recommend sending a push at least once a week, so users don’t forget to check in to your app. Once a day may be overkill – you’ll start annoying your users, and in the worst case scenario, they’ll turn off push notifications. More than once a week may be appropriate given the content you are sending – users are more receptive to important information as opposed to info that they don’t care enough about. Use your best judgement.

Once you’ve drafted and proofread your push, it’s time to schedule it inside the CMS. As you schedule your push, you have the option to target users based on where they live. This tool comes in handy when you want to send a push that is only relevant to users in a particular location. And don’t forget that you can schedule a push to send out at a specific time. For optimal open rates, send pushes out when your users are most likely to have their device near them.

So you’ve sent your push, what now? A push campaign wouldn’t be of value if you couldn’t track its performance. We provide analytics for your push campaign such as open rate and section visits. From that data, you can see what type of content has the highest open rates, so for future pushes, you know what your users are interested in.

Just remember, sending push notifications to users who have opted-in is a privilege. Don’t abuse this.

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