App of the Week: RedFlag News

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Since 2009, RedFlag News has been aggregating news from only the most-trusted, bias-free sources, including Huffington Post, Boston Globe, Associated Press, NY Times, and many others, for readers wanted “to expand their news experience outside the liberal mainstream media.”

What resulted is a news site that now serves more than one million visitors per month, and is ranked in the Top 50 Conservative Websites of 2013 by Alexa Rank. Pretty impressive, given that RedFlag News was started by one person, and spent no money on advertising to grow.

To bring high-quality news and commentary in real-time, RedFlag News has released their official app, which is generating quite the buzz on their Facebook page, which has over 70,000 fans. Although not free to download, the RedFlag News is worth the $1.99 price tag, as users can gain access to the news headlines they’re looking for right on their mobile devices.

And true to their style, the RedFlag News app is “timeless, creative, and delightful” to use. Download the app at

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