5 easy ways to get more downloads for your mobile app

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Increasing app downloads is easy as 1, 2, 3…4, 5?! Here are five simple ways to raise awareness for your app:

1) Website: Feature your app on the homepage of your website.

2) Social Media Networks: While your website is permanent, social media posts are fleeting. That’s why it’s important to mention your app on your social networks occasionally; we recommend once a month or whenever you have a special promo or new  update inside your app.

3) At Events: Promote your app at an event or venue with signage letting attendees know that your app exists. The San Diego Zoo went another level and held a QR Code Easter Egg Hunt.

4) Social Sharing: There’s nothing more effective than word-of-mouth marketing, so let your users do the talking. Have your users post about your app on their social networks; motivate them by offering them exclusive content inside your app, which you can lock with one of our promotional features called Share to Unlock.

5) Exclusives: Offer your users app-only exclusives, such as swag for checking in via your app or giveaways. Utilize app-only features like push notifications, the Fan Wall, photo cards, or badges to attract more fans to use your app to participate in these exclusives.

If you have a mobile app and you aren’t seeing the downloads roll in, try these simple steps to get your app off the ground.

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