How to make location-based marketing work for you and your app

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Utilizing your app for location-based marketing just makes sense. Why? Your on-the-go users have access to their mobile devices wherever they are, which means that your app is only a click away – a perfect opportunity to take advantage of. Here are 5 ways you can use your app in location-based marketing:


1) Geo-targeted Push Notifications: Say you have an important, last-minute update for a show in London that you want to share with your London users only. Well, with geo-targeted push notifications, you can easily target users by location down to a one-mile radius. Check out the geo-targeted push Robbie Williams sent out to his London users:


2) Check-ins: Users can check in to events right in your app thanks to our partnerships with Foursquare and Facebook. One way to increase check-ins & therefore activity in your app is to reward users for checking in venues. At the event, have a sign or something that alerts users that if they check-in via the app, they will receive a discount, some swag, or an entry into a giveaway.


3) QR Codes: We generate unique QR codes for each piece of media inside your app, as well as a QR code that when scanned leads to a link to download your app. Attract more downloads by posting the unique download QR code around your venue; attract existing app users by posting a unique QR code that when scanned leads to an exclusive piece of media. Example: The FADER FORT


4) Sonic Notify: A very cool company (and partner) that brings our mobile apps to life through sound waves. How it works: Sonic Notify technology picks up inaudible sound waves that trigger an action inside our apps, for example, a push notification or an interactive video. It’s the perfect integration for music artists who want to engage with their fans in their app at venues. Download the Miranda Lambert app & watch the video below to see what Sonic Notify is all about:


5) Data: Inside your CMS, you can analyze all sorts of data that can help you in location-based marketing. Check where you have the highest concentration of users, see where individual users reside, analyze what targets are more receptive to push notifications, and much more.


Don’t think of location-based marketing as stalking (if ever that idea crossed your mind), think of it as a smart move that your app becomes the perfect platform for.

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