WWDC 2013: First Look at iOS 7

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What a day! In addition to a new MacBook Air, OS Mavericks (no more big cats!), and a very sleek Mac Pro, Apple revealed their newest mobile operating system iOS 7 at their annual developer conference WWDC to much fanfare and positive feedback.

The “biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” iOS 7 blew attendees and viewers away with its radical design and features. Jonathan Ive, SVP of Industrial Design, said, “We see iOS 7 as defining an important new direction, and in many ways a beginning.”

First, the biggest change to come with iOS 7 is the design. The rumors were partially true, iOS 7 has been designed to be flatter than before, but not completely flat. One of the coolest features of iOS 7 in terms of design is the ability for the system to track movement, allowing the user to see behind the icons when they move their device in their hand.

Default apps such as the Weather app, Calendar app, iMessage, the Camera, and even Safari received the new design treatment as well. Check out some of the changes below:

Moving on to the features:

– Air Drop allows users to share photos and videos with other users close by through a Wi-Fi connection.
-A smarter Siri
– Intelligent multi-tasking, which shows apps currently being used in windows
– Facetime Audio
– Heightened anti-theft features
– Easier access to controls like Settings with a simple swipe

And iTunes Radio (photo courtesy of TechCrunch), which integrates seamlessly with a user’s iTunes account:

And we’ve only just begun listing the features of Apple’s newest iOS, which is scheduled to release in the fall. And from what we’ve been shown so far, iOS 7 is something to look forward to. The beta version of iOS 7 is available to developers today. Our developers have already begun testing iOS 7, and we can’t wait to bring you amazing features that take full advantage of the features of iOS 7. Stay tuned!

Watch the WWDC 2013 Keynote here.

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