iOS 7 and your app: Meet Mobile Roadie 5.1

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Tomorrow, Apple is releasing iOS 7, the largest revamp of iOS since its inception. Mobile Roadie’s mission is to make mobile apps affordable and accessible to all. Part of that mission is to “chase” technology on behalf of our customers, and make sure they’re kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest hardware and software. We are one of the few app platforms that proactively updates all active customers apps with new features and functionality, at no extra charge.

Version 5.1 focuses on iOS 7 and also has a few other optimizations.

iOS 7

iOS is a big change, and as such, we will be rolling out updates in two phases:


Starting today we begin the process of updating apps to version 5.1. This release will fix things in your app that broke with iOS 7, and also flattens graphical assets, giving your app a more “iOS 7” look and feel. While not a complete design overhaul, it’s a nice refresh to stay up with the times.


We are working on a global platform overhaul that completely redesigns your app to take full advantage of iOS 7, increasing user engagement and location-based marketing and monetization opportunities. As you can imagine, this is a large effort that touches every view in our product. Our goal is to get this to you by early next year.


In order to comply with the July 2013 changes to the FTC’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we will be updating all of our apps to work a little bit differently.

All social functions within the app will now require a one-time entry of birth date from the user to specify that they are over the age of 13. If they are under 13, they will not be able to connect to social networks, post comments or photos in the app, or share content from the app on social networks. The one-time prompt for birth date will occur when a new user tries to perform a social action or set up an account. Existing users in the app will not be prompted.

For more on COPPA requirements, please see

Additional Enhancements

We have also improved geofencing, in-app purchasing, and translations with this release, as well as fixed many bugs.


Enjoy this release, and get ready for a big overhaul coming in a few months!

— Mobile Roadie

3 thoughts on “iOS 7 and your app: Meet Mobile Roadie 5.1

  1. iOS 7 may have shown a very high rate of acceptance among users, but the operating system is riddled with glitches that need to be fixed quickly. Besides, it still lacks support for quite a few features that we almost believe to be obvious. For instance, iOS 7 still does not support video quality above 720p, where Android has already introduced support for 1080p. It’s great to know that you were able to adapt your platform to ensure compatibility with the latest version of iOS so quickly, though. Now if Apple just gets the bugs out of the way, the iOS 7 should be one of the best mobile operating systems out there. There are quite a few apps, including productivity apps, games and mobile event apps that do not run well on iOS 7 yet, although they run fine on the previous version of iOS. Patching up the OS should fix that problem as well.

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