“How to Build a Killer App for Your Band”

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Mobile Roadie CEO Michael Schneider joins Yannick Ilunga on the latest episode of The Jazz Spotlight to discuss “How to Build a Killer App for Your Band”. Click here to head to their website and learn more about:

• What Mobile Roadie can do for you and what you need to start building your own app

• Ways you can use an app to maximize your audience’s experience at your live concerts

• Different ways to make your app successful

• Why you should go for a free app (but still make money from it)

• What having an app can do for you, even if you have a relatively small fanbase

• The features Michael thinks every band app should have

• How an app fits into enhancing the sense of community among your fans

• A great way The Rolling Stones’ app engaged sponsors



7 thoughts on ““How to Build a Killer App for Your Band”

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  3. After listening to the arguments of why should we – or anyone in the mobile app development business for that matter – sometimes invest our own resources into making a free piece of software (because that’s what it is – an investement of our own money and time etc). It sounds really compelling and made me think a lot – especially since making a free app only makes sense if it’s gonna be a big thing – only then you’ll get the promotion and marketing you seek.

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