Robbie Williams Uses Augmented Reality Technology In His Mobile App

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With his ninth studio album Take the Crown scheduled to release this week, Robbie Williams is stepping it up a notch in promotions.

Let’s take a look at how he’s using his mobile app to promote his new album:

1) Updated the look of his app to reflect the theme of his new album (see below)

2) Launched an advertising campaign that is taking advantage of the new Augmented Reality technology integrated in his app: In the UK newspaper Metro, there is a full-page ad of Robbie’s lead single “Candy” with instructions for fans on how to view an exclusive video of Robbie (see below):

This strategy is effective in two ways – 1) Bringing attention to Robbie’s new single; and 2) Bringing attention to Robbie’s official app.

*If you have the Robbie Williams app, go to the RW 3D section and point your mobile device to the image below to see something out of this world:

Download the Robbie Williams official app at to see him come to life.

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